Technical lettering within the 1970s

Writing has all the time been influenced by means of the equipment we use. It may be a extensive nib pen, a brush or a typewriter. It’s interesting to seem nearer at how those gadgets paintings, and what of their development, or in the best way we use them, influences the type of the letters. Right here, we can overview the Tecnostyl Lettering Set, manufactured within the 1970s, an tool used to attract technical, engineered letters. This style began to turn into widespread in the beginning of the 20th century, reflecting the sense of order and rationality that used to be regarded for in structure, design and engineering. There was a higher demand of precision and consistency, and new tools appeared that helped to standardise lettering. Prior to, textual content complementing a plan, or the segment of an object, used to be handwritten in quite a lot of types, regularly ornamental, no longer have compatibility for the economic international that used to be being constructed.

The product we’ll speak about belongs to this custom of technical gadgets. Provided with a suite of nibs and an alphabet in four sizes, it had the whole thing architects, designers and engineers required to attract uniform, geometric letters. They simply needed to fill the pen with ink and get started writing following the template. This set used to be a easy and efficient solution to the will for precision and consistency. A artful selection to handwriting and dry-transfer lettering, extra inexpensive than digital lettering machines.

The Lettering Set has a strong glance. The packaging is compact, and after over four many years nonetheless powerful. A skinny brown field protects a plastic case, preserving it from unintended opening. There’s no ornamentation, only a utilitarian, gruesome lettering, on each the field and the internal case, telling you the specifics of the content material. As soon as opened, we will see it has two compartments. On one facet, we will get right of entry to four lettering guides and the pen-holder. At the reverse facet, the four nibs are stored in position by means of a tiny sponge.

The lettering guides paintings as a template. Letterforms are minimize out within the Tecnostyl’s iconic inexperienced acrylic sheet. There are four sizes: 3, 5, 7 and 10 millimetres, as proven at the packaging, which refers back to the top of the capital letters.