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Packaging for Agua Bendita by means of FuturaAgua Bendita is mezcal made…

Agua Bendita is mezcal made in Mexico and proudly unique. This mezcal is devoted to those that defy conventional norms, thus positioning themselves as a logo with out laws for all adventurous souls.

We created a visible machine that illustrates the values of the emblem, breaking with the foundations of conventional mezcal. Agua Bendita is now offered with a metaphorical and playful really feel, in line with the symbolisms of the Mexican spiritual narrative, to open a solution to experimentation and birthday celebration, as a result of blessed are those that defy not unusual and present norms.

Born in 2008 as an Impartial Design Studio, Futura is a boutique-like workshop that seeks to redefine the Mexican design values, keeping up capability, wit and aura. They concentrate on useful resource optimization being attentive to each and every element. At the moment their HQ is based totally in Mexico, however they have got purchasers in every single place the arena.

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