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Visible Storytelling

Due nowadays:

  • 1 visible storytelling symbol with no less than four pictures and handwriting. Identify your symbol lastname_story.jpg (upload your ultimate symbol in your visible magazine)
  • 1 hyperlink in your visible magazine appearing your caricature and analysis for the week.

In Photoshop use Symbol (Alt Ctrl I)>Symbol Measurement and set the width of your symbol to 17 inches. Set the answer to 240 pixels/inch.

image size

Identify your record remaining name_ tale and save as a .JPG record.

save as

Set the JPEG choices to high quality 10 baseline same old.

jpg options

Smartly, it’s a sensual query. It’s all from the interest. It’s now not a interest to look what puts appear to be, or what other people appear to be. It’s a interest of the character of what it approach to be human. To get to the very supply of, “What is that this?” Actually, “What is that this?” I believe maximum photographers say, “What’s that?” However they by no means say, “What is that this?” So my paintings was once at all times inside, very introspective.  – Duane Michals

duane-michalsDuane Michals at house, July 2014.